Functional and Epilepsy Surgery, Neuro-oncology, DBS frameless for Movement Disorders (Parkinson Disease, Dystonia, Pian) and Epilepsy Surgery, Pain, Minimal Invasive Spine surgery, Awake Craniotomy. - Brain tumors microsurgery and awake craniotomy - Meningioma - Deep brain stimulation frameless for Parkinson disease, dystonia and tremor - Thalamotomy for tremor - Trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm microsurgery - Radiofrequency ablation and balloon compression for trigeminal neuralgia - Microsurgery and minimal invasive surgery for cervical and lumbar disc herniation - Minimal invasive technique and spinal navigation for spinal decompression and fusion - Head and spinal trauma - Spinal cord stimulation for chronic intractable pain - Pump Implant for spasticity - Shunt and endoscopic procedures for hydrocephalus - Brain biopsy - Epilepsy surgery - Vagal nerve stimulator implant Italian and European State Medical License License n. BN 2665 (30.03.2005) Italian and European Board of Neurological Surgery UK Specialist Register GMC r n. 7172142 (reg. date 26 Jul 2011) Belgium Medical Visa, Specialist in Neurosurgery National Health Department of Professionals